How To Learn To Play The Piano By Ear

Your desire to learn to play piano by ear is not surprising. The best pianists surely know how to play beautiful music without even looking at the scores. This leaves the rest of us completely and totally impressed; and we ask ourselves, “How in the world do they do that?”

It’s not rocket science, I can tell you as much. Possessing this kind of skill does not include any special formula or some magical voodoo spell.

Like other special abilities, some are just born with a gift. But if you wake up one day and realize that you want to learn to play piano by ear, you should not let anything stop you from doing it. A sincere desire, a little hard work and a lot of perseverance can certainly help you become a brilliant pianist, whether your family naturally likes to play instruments or not.

Here are some tips to get you started easily:

1. Know your instrument
A piano is a piano and a piano, of course. But a real budding pianist has the innate desire to really know the instrument he plays: what special sounds he emits, how the parts are called, what keys or special features create the atmosphere you want to convey. Once you know the piano you are using, you feel a growing connection with it.

If you really want to learn to play piano by ear, you really need to start with the basics. The piano itself is the most fundamental part of success in this field. Embrace the chosen instrument and let your fingers do its magic.

2. Learn music theory
Even birth pianists could learn a lot about the concepts and laws of music. To be really good at it, you have to recognize that music theory is an essential part of learning the piano or any instrument.

3. Know your scales and progressions
The scales and their corresponding progressions are very basic. Master them and you can easily learn to play piano by ear.

4. Start small and finish in style
Starting with a very difficult song from the beginning will only frustrate you. Choose familiar tunes, songs that you grew up with – that way you can build from there. Once you understand, you can always go a step further and try something a little harder next time.

5. Hum along
Your body is the best and most accessible instrument you can have. Hum or sing to the beat of the music. In this way, you will remember it better and, in doing so, you will learn to play piano by ear like this.

6. Feel the music
Hearing music is an aspect, but not necessarily essential. Take Beethoven, for example. Listening to music, feeling every beat and every note is what really makes a good pianist.

7. Take piano lessons for beginners
At first, you can start with formal training. Of course, there are many online courses to choose from.

These are just a few helpful tips for learning to play piano by ear. With practice and determination, your piano playing skills can only improve.

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