The Parts And The Technical Terms For The Piano

Have you ever wondered why musicians are always popular all the time? Have you ever wanted to play an instrument to impress your friends?

The piano was created in 1709 by Bartolomeo Cristofori. He has developed different mechanisms by placing a keyboard over the wooden case of the harpsichord. Over the years, the piano with a variety of function types has been designed and sounds have been developed. In the 13th century, the modern piano was created. Pianos have been widely used as a melodic instrument because of their flexibility.

Before learning the piano, we must first familiarize ourselves with the body parts of the piano, its use, and the technical terms.

Here are some important piano parts for beginners:

The keyboard – these are the rows of parallel keys used by performers to produce sounds and music. These rows of keys were protected by the foldable top that closes it. The usual keyboard has a total of 88 keys; 52 whites and 36 blacks.

The keys – with beginners on the piano, you should know that the keys are the part you press to produce a note. There are horizontally allied white and black key sets. In recent years, a black key was ebony and the white key ivory. Nowadays, due to the security problems posed by ivory-producing species, the keys were now made of quality plastic.

Pedals – The pianos were made with the three corresponding pedals at the bottom. The first pedal on the left is the soft pedal and sometimes identified as Una corda. It is used to move the keyboard slightly to the right to change the sound of a note to make it softer. The center pedal or the Sustenuto only acts on the keys pressed in the depressed pedal. The third and last pedal, or sustain pedal, was mainly used to remove interruptions that could cause vibrations when playing the piano.

Music Rack – for the preservation of all piano gear, such as manuals and sheet music, all that is used to play the piano, especially for beginners.

Piano Bench – this is the position where we sit down to play with the piano.

Technical Terms To Remember

Octave – this is what we call the interval of twelve notes created between the two notes having a similar musical value. Piano keyboards are composed of seven octaves, this way; each of the seven notes will materialize in every seven octaves of the keyboard.

Pitch – these are the characteristics of note sounds, neither the highest notes nor the lowest notes.

Basic instructions for playing the piano

Sitting and standing – Sitting is the position commonly used to play the piano because it can allow you to better control your hands and fingers. Standing is commonly used by the electronic keyboardist, especially for rock bands.

Keyboard Height – Always make sure the height of your keyboard does not exceed the level of your elbows.

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